January 23, 2019
Closeup hand holds white paper three raw steaks
Wellness Tip

The Truth About Angus Beef

by Berkeley Wellness  

Don’t assume that “Angus” beef is more nutritious or better tasting than other beef, even if food companies, stores, and restaurants selling it—typically at a premium price—imply that it is. This term, mostly a marketing pitch, refers only to the breed of cattle and has nothing to do with quality. In fact, because Angus is the most popular breed in the U.S. today, there’s a good chance that unlabeled beef is also Angus (and cheaper).

The beef from these black-hided, hornless cattle does tend to have more marbling (intramuscular fat), a quality associated with greater tenderness and juiciness, but only USDA grading, which is voluntary, indicates quality, with “prime” being the top grade, followed by “choice” and then “select.” Moreover, flavor is affected by several factors, including the animal’s diet, how long the meat is aged, and preparation method.

As for health, because of its higher fat, Angus (and other highly marbled) beef is actually a worse choice than lower-graded, leaner meats (though, as with all beef, the fat and calories vary widely depending on the cut).

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