May 23, 2018
Caffeine in Espresso
Ask the Experts

Caffeine in Espresso

by Berkeley Wellness  

Q:How much more caffeine does espresso have than regular coffee?

A:It usually has less caffeine per serving. Because it is so concentrated, espresso has, ounce for ounce, about two to three times as much caffeine as brewed coffee. However, a shot of espresso is only one to two ounces, so it typically packs less caffeine than a six-ounce cup of regular coffee.

But typical doesn’t mean much when it comes to coffee. The variability in caffeine is huge—depending on the type of bean, how the beans are ground, how much is used, the type of machine, the brewing time and so on. For instance, six ounces of brewed or drip coffee can have anywhere from 80 to 175 milligrams of caffeine.

Espresso is not a type of coffee bean, but rather a brewing process, in which pressurized steam and water are rapidly forced through finely ground coffee. Different kinds of beans can be used for espresso, and this will affect the caffeine content.