January 20, 2019
Mashed green peas and potatoes

8 Ways to Serve Fresh Peas

by Berkeley Wellness  

Fresh peas add delicate flavor to many dishes. Try these recipe ideas and tips to prepare fresh peas.

To shell green peas, pinch off the stem with your fingernails and pull the string down the length of the pod. The pod will pop open, then you can push out the peas with your thumb. If the pods are clean on the outside, you don’t need to wash the peas.

The pods have a lot of flavor. When cooking the peas, you can add three or four pods to the water for extra flavor. Or, save the pods for flavoring chicken or vegetable stock; discard them with any other solids when the stock is strained.

Snow peas and sugar snaps should be rinsed before use. With snow peas, simply remove the tips from both ends of the pod.

Sugar snap peas have a string that runs around both sides of the pod. It’s easiest to start at the bottom tip and pull the string up the front, then snap off the stem and pull the string down the back.

Pea shoots do not need any special preparation except for a quick rinse.

Snow peas and sugar snaps, as well as shelled green peas, can be eaten raw. If you cook them, do so briefly in order to retain their flavor and texture.

Here are eight serving suggestions for fresh peas:

1. Use raw sugar snaps and snow peas for crudités with dips.

2. Stir green peas and a little grated Parmesan into cooked rice for an easy version of risi e bisi, a classic Venetian dish.

3. Toss cooked fresh pigeon peas and green peas with diced red onion, chopped cilantro, and a lemon and olive oil vinaigrette for a mixed pea salad.

4. Add cooked pigeon peas to a potato or pasta salad.

5. Puree cooked green peas with broth, mint, and yogurt for a quick soup.

6. Toss steamed sugar snaps and grated lemon zest with an herbed olive oil.

7. Mash cooked green peas along with cooked potatoes for an interesting mashed potato dish.

8. Substitute thawed frozen green peas for half the avocado in a guacamole recipe (or use all peas).

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