March 23, 2019
Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Wellness Tip

Raw Cookie Dough Risks

by Berkeley Wellness  

Don’t eat raw dough or let children lick batter from a bowl—the flour may be contaminated by a dangerous strain of E. coli bacteria, the FDA warns.

Raw dough has sickened dozens of people in more than 20 states in recent months, an outbreak traced to flour made by General Mills in Kansas City.

You may think that the risk comes from the raw eggs that dough often contains, but wheat can be contaminated by animal waste in the field. Cooking kills the bacteria.

The FDA also advises home cooks to wash their hands and utensils after handling raw dough. Moreover, parents and teachers should not let children play with homemade “play dough” for crafts, since they may put their fingers in their mouths.

In commercial uses such as cookie-dough ice cream, the dough is usually heat-treated to kill bacteria.

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