March 24, 2019
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Lose Weight, Reverse Diabetes?

by Berkeley Wellness  

People with type 2 diabetes who lose weight and keep it off may be able to reverse the disease, concluded a small English study in the journal Diabetes Care.

Under medical supervision, 30 overweight or obese participants who had diabetes—some for many years—stopped taking their diabetes medications and were put on a supervised very-low-calorie diet for eight weeks, resulting in an average weight loss of 30 pounds. During the next six months, counseling helped them maintain their weight loss (in the maintenance phase they consumed about one-third fewer calories, on average, than before the study).

This weight loss was enough to help 13 participants stay diabetes-free, as measured by blood sugar and insulin levels; the others resumed their medications. A larger similar trial is underway. Note that people with diabetes should work with their doctors and should not stop taking their medication on their own.

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