March 05, 2015

Healthy eating




  • Safe Weight Gain
    Ask the Experts

    Safe Weight Gain

    by Berkeley Wellness

    For some people, putting on needed pounds can be as big a challenge as shedding weight is for others. If you're trying to add some weight, six strategies can help—without negative effects on your health.

  • The Hype of Calorie-Shifting Diets

    The Hype of Calorie-Shifting Diets

    by Berkeley Wellness

    New diets seem to always be cropping up, and the so-called “calorie-shifting” plans were among the biggest recent fads. Proponents promise rapid, easy weight loss—but can these programs deliver?

  • It's Hard to Beat Beet Juice

    It's Hard to Beat Beet Juice

    by Berkeley Wellness

    A glass of beet juice, anyone? Some small studies have discovered that an array of compounds in beet juice may lower blood pressure, enhance athletic performance and provide other health benefits as well.