October 28, 2016

Healthy eating




  • Do You Need to Vent Your Kitchen?

    Do You Need to Vent Your Kitchen?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    If you have an exhaust fan above your stove, turn it on when you turn on your burners or oven, whether they are gas or electric. Among other benefits, they remove airborne particles created during cooking—a source of indoor air pollution.

  • Vegetarianism the Safe Way

    Vegetarianism the Safe Way

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Being a vegetarian offers both health and environmental benefits, as long as you choose wisely. Follow some common sense steps to go vegetarian in a safe and nutritious way.

  • Mushroom-Barley Soup

    Mushroom-Barley Soup

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Whip up a pot of this earthy soup, which is hearty enough for a main course. Serve it right away in soup bowls, or let it sit—the barley may soak up all the liquid and give you a more stew-like consistency.