August 22, 2014

Healthy eating




  • Healthy Alternatives to Cow’s Milk

    Healthy Alternatives to Cow’s Milk

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Looking for substitutes for cow's milk? You can drink “milk” made from nuts, rice, soy, even oats and hemp. These beverages are not nutritionally equivalent to dairy milk, but each has something to offer, especially if fortified.

  • Fish from the Pacific
    Ask the Experts

    Fish from the Pacific

    by Berkeley Wellness

    The meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear reactor released tons of radioactive seawater back into the Pacific. Consequently, many people are worried about the risks of eating fish and other sea life harvested from the Pacific Ocean.

  • Agliata Sauce

    Agliata Sauce

    by Berkeley Wellness

    This Italian garlic-based sauce dates back to Roman times. It’s similar to a pesto, but uses stale breadcrumbs for body instead of cheese. Toss with hot cooked pasta for an tasty treat.