April 27, 2017

Healthy eating




  • Chocolate on the Brain

    Chocolate on the Brain

    by Berkeley Wellness

    The news keeps getting sweeter about dark chocolate and other cocoa products. Not only have several studies suggested that it can help lower blood pressure, but new research has found that cocoa can also aid the brain.

  • When Eggs Become Unsafe

    When Eggs Become Unsafe

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Only a few years ago, a large outbreak of food poisoning related to Salmonella in eggs occurred in the U.S. Can you do anything to make sure your eggs are safe to eat?

  • Trans Fat: Going, Going, But Not Gone

    Trans Fat: Going, Going, But Not Gone

    by Berkeley Wellness

    In the six years since the government began requiring packaged foods to list trans fats on the label, many manufacturers have reduced or eliminated them from their products. But some supermarket and restaurant foods still contain the unhealthy fats.