February 22, 2019
Can Good Sleep Prevent Colds?
Wellness Tip

Can Good Sleep Prevent Colds?

by Berkeley Wellness  

Here's yet another reason to make sure you get enough sleep, or to address sleep problems if you have them: Getting inadequate sleep increases the risk of catching a cold, according to a clinical trial published in the journal Sleep.

Researchers measured the sleep time of 164 people, ages 18 to 55, for one week. To assess sleep, each participant kept a sleep diary and wore a sleep-monitoring device called a wrist actigraph, which records movements that can then be used to estimate time spent asleep and awake. The participants were then quarantined, given nasal drops containing cold virus, and monitored for five days.

Those who averaged less than six hours of sleep per night were much more likely to develop a cold than those sleeping seven or more hours. The researchers controlled for weight, age, alcohol, tobacco use, and many other factors.

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