September 23, 2014

health tests


  • Should You Be Tested for Diabetes?

    Should You Be Tested for Diabetes?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    If your last medical exam didn't include a test for type 2 diabetes as part of its basic blood panel, you may want to have your glucose level tested. Millions of people may have diabetes and don’t know it.

  • Dense Breasts: Newer Exams

    Dense Breasts: Newer Exams

    by Berkeley Wellness

    For women who have dense breasts, there are three newer screening options to consider. Learn more about tomosynthesis, digital mammography and automated breast ultrasound.

  • How to Check for Fever

    How to Check for Fever

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Touching someone’s forehead was the way to detect a fever before the invention of the medical thermometer in 1867. Today, you have more precise options.