April 28, 2017



  • Butterbur and Migraines
    Wellness Tip

    Butterbur and Migraines

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Do you suffer from migraine headaches? The American Academy of Neurology and the American Headache Society have reviewed studies from the past decade and have some recommendations.

  • Tinted Glasses for Migraines

    Tinted Glasses for Migraines

    by Berkeley Wellness

    For many migraine sufferers, light and other visual stimuli can precipitate (or worsen) headaches. You might think, then, that wearing sunglasses would help—and some migraine sufferers do get some relief from tinted lenses.

  • How to Stop Worrying

    How to Stop Worrying

    by Berkeley Wellness

    For most of us, worry is at least an occasional visitor. Like anxiety, it is manageable in smaller amounts, but in larger doses it can become crippling. Our experts provide helpful strategies.