October 25, 2014



  • Whole Grains: The 10-to-1 Rule

    Whole Grains: The 10-to-1 Rule

    by Berkeley Wellness

    The U.S. Dietary Guidelines advise that at least half your daily grain intake be whole grains. That’s easier said than done, in part because it can be hard to identify truly “whole grain” foods. This rule can help you quickly calculate.

  • Kasha Varnishkes

    Kasha Varnishkes

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Kasha varnishkes is a dish of roasted buckwheat groats (kasha) and bow-tie noodles (varnishkes). Our version ups the flavor ante with lots of caramelized onions.

  • The Paleo Diet
    Ask the Experts

    The Paleo Diet

    by Berkeley Wellness

    The Paleo Diet— and others like it — resurface regularly to promote the notion that we should return to early-human eating habits. These diets often miss a thing or two.