October 07, 2015



  • Squatting & Constipation
    Ask the Experts

    Squatting & Constipation

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Is squatting a better way to go to the bathroom, and can it help with constipation? Our experts weigh on whether this position offers benefits.

  • Acid Reflux and Sleep
    Wellness Tip

    Acid Reflux and Sleep

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Do you often suffer from heartburn at night? Some simple strategies can help ease discomfort and help you get a better night's sleep.

  • Constipation Gripping the Nation
    Be Well

    Constipation Gripping the Nation

    by Keng Lam

    You might think that constipation is simply a nuisance, but it also has negative effects on Americans' quality of life—and wallets. Authors of a recent study describe the health problem as “an escalating concern to the healthcare system.”