August 30, 2014



  • Should You Worry About Wheat?

    Should You Worry About Wheat?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Wheat has long been a dietary pariah for everyone who jumped on the low-carb-diet bandwagon, along with those who think they are allergic or sensitive to the grain. But does it really deserve the bad reputation?

  • Cookie Dough Safety
    Wellness Tip

    Cookie Dough Safety

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Don’t eat uncooked cookie dough, including "ready-to-bake" commercial products. Contrary to what you may think, ready-to-bake dough is not ready-to-eat and poses food poisoning risks.

  • Food Poisoning Facts

    Food Poisoning Facts

    by Berkeley Wellness

    It’s hard to pinpoint the cause of food poisoning, or even to be sure that it is food poisoning. But here are some common culprits to consider.