February 05, 2016



  • Faux Fiber Versus the Real Thing

    Faux Fiber Versus the Real Thing

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Food companies are adding fiber to almost everything, for better or worse. But are fortified foods as good as those that contain intact, naturally occurring fiber? We tease apart the fiber story to get you the facts.

  • Pointers on Produce Safety

    Pointers on Produce Safety

    by Berkeley Wellness

    When it comes to sources of foodborne illness, fruits and vegetables are hardly off the hook. Just about every kind—from cantaloupes, papayas, and strawberries to spinach, sprouts, and tomatoes—has been implicated in outbreaks in recent years.

  • Seasonal Produce Picks

    Seasonal Produce Picks

    by Edward R. Blonz, Ph.D.

    Take advantage of the changing abundance of produce from season to season. While most fruits and vegetables are available year-round, they will be most flavorful when they are in season and grown locally.