October 25, 2014



  • Fruits vs. Diabetes
    Wellness Tip

    Fruits vs. Diabetes

    by Berkeley Wellness

    What effect can eating fruit or drinking fruit juice have on your risk for type 1 diabetes? Recent research suggests that some types of fruits may have a protective effect, while others may not.

  • Seasonal Produce Picks

    Seasonal Produce Picks

    by Edward Blonz, M.S., Ph.d.

    Take advantage of the changing abundance of produce from season to season. While most fruits and vegetables are available year-round, they will be most flavorful when they are in season and grown locally.

  • 5 Ways to Lower Stroke Risk

    5 Ways to Lower Stroke Risk

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Every year, about 140,000 Americans die as a result of a stroke. Strokes are also the leading cause of serious long-term disability. Some smart dietary steps can help reduce your risk.