August 30, 2015



  • Pesticides in Produce

    Pesticides in Produce

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Though the risks of minuscule amounts of pesticides from food are unclear, you may wish to minimize exposure, especially in children, who are more vulnerable to pesticide toxicity. The nonprofit Environmental Working Group ranks fruits and vegetables by their pesticide levels. Here is its latest list.

  • Ice Cream Add-ons Add Up

    Ice Cream Add-ons Add Up

    by Berkeley Wellness

    An occasional small cup of ice cream won't derail a healthy diet. But the extras—like those cookie and candy toppings—can add up to many more calories than you may have bargained for.

  • Tri-Berry Salad

    Tri-Berry Salad

    by Berkeley Wellness

    This recipe elevates the fruit salad to new heights. Serve it as an opener to a meal, or after the main course, European-style. It could even be a simple fruit dessert.