December 17, 2018



  • Faux Fiber Versus the Real Thing

    Faux Fiber Versus the Real Thing

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Food companies are adding fiber to almost everything, for better or worse. But are fortified foods as good as those that contain intact, naturally occurring fiber? We tease apart the fiber story to get you the facts.

  • Cranberry-Lime Spritzer

    Cranberry-Lime Spritzer

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Enjoy this light and refreshing cranberry-lime spritzer at your next picnic or barbecue. To remove the lime zest (the thin, colored portion of the peel), use a vegetable peeler to take it off in strips because that’s where all of the flavor is.

  • Banana-Apricot Bread

    Banana-Apricot Bread

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, riboflavin, selenium and thiamin, this satisfying bread has the the homey scent of cardamom and the sweetness of honey and bananas. For an easy variation, use dark or golden raisins instead of the diced dried apricots.