August 30, 2014



  • Don't Be Afraid of Fruit

    Don't Be Afraid of Fruit

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Eat more fruits and vegetables—who could argue with that simple advice? Well, amazingly enough, the fruit part of the equation is being questioned, mostly by advocates of low-carb diets. But there's no need to fear fruit.

  • Bold Claims about Sea Buckthorn

    Bold Claims about Sea Buckthorn

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Sea buckthorn is the superfruit du jour, said to treat heart disease, stomach ulcers and skin conditions. But can the orange berry, which grows widely across Asia and Europe, live up to its hype?

  • Mix 'n Match Fruit Salsas

    Mix 'n Match Fruit Salsas

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Tart and spicy fruit salsas are a cross between a condiment and a fruit salad. They are quick to make and are a wonderful complement to savory dishes like broiled poultry, fish and meat.