May 30, 2015

food additives


  • Are Sugar Substitutes Safe?

    Are Sugar Substitutes Safe?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Americans trying to cut down on sugar and calories are increasingly turning to sugar substitutes. Many worry about the safety of these products and are attracted to those promoted as “natural,” as opposed to the older “artificial” sweeteners.

  • Hemp Seeds in Food
    Ask the Experts

    Hemp Seeds in Food

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Did you know that some foods contain industrial hemp? Can food containing hemp seeds cause you to test positive for marijuana on a workplace drug test?

  • Food Coloring Goes Natural

    Food Coloring Goes Natural

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Natural food colors recently outsold artificial ones for the first time and even mainstream food companies are turning to them. One reason for the increase in popularity is the perception that artificial ones are harmful. But are the facts that simple?