October 23, 2018
The Secret to a Trimmer Tummy
Wellness Tip

The Secret to a Trimmer Tummy

by Berkeley Wellness  

To prevent or at least limit abdominal weight gain as you age, do strength training. Abdominal fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and many other disorders, especially if it's deep fat surrounding organs. In a large study of healthy male health professionals published in the journal Obesity, those who increased the time they spent lifting weights by at least 20 minutes a day over a 12-year period averaged smaller gains in waist size (a measure of abdominal fat) than those who similarly increased daily aerobic exercise. Not surprisingly, men who spent more time being sedentary (notably watching TV) had the biggest gain in waist size.

To get the most benefit in terms of body composition and overall health, do both strength and aerobic training, which is standard fitness advice.