February 22, 2019
Can You Exercise Away Your Double Chin?

Can You Exercise Away Your Double Chin?

by Berkeley Wellness  

Despite a multitude of websites hawking various facial exercises to reduce chin fat—such as pucker­ing your lips while stretching your neck, sticking out your tongue, and chewing gum—none have been shown to be effective.

And don’t believe claims for Facial-Flex, a mouth device that you compress with your lips. Aside from testimonials from people claiming to have positive results, there’s no good evidence that it will fix a double chin. The company cites only abstracts of two studies from the 1990s, which were small, not published (meaning not peer-reviewed), and self-funded.

The same goes for electric facial toners that use a mild elec­trical current to stimulate muscle con­tractions: There is no evidence of their effectiveness. At best, exercise may tighten some muscles, but it won’t get rid of the fat deposits or other anatomical issues underlying a double chin.

What about diet? If you’re overweight, losing weight may help reduce a double chin at least somewhat as you lose fat throughout your body. But there’s no such thing as spot reduction—that is, you can’t target a specific body area for fat loss.