February 22, 2019
Mature Woman Running The City
Wellness Tip

Step Up Exercise in Middle Age

by Berkeley Wellness  

People in their fifties should step up their exercise efforts to counter the physical declines that often start during that midlife decade, suggests a recent study in the Jour­nals of Gerontology: Medical Sciences.

Researchers from Duke University gave 775 people, ages 30 to 100, simple tests of strength, endurance, and balance, such as repeatedly rising from a chair, walking a set distance, and standing on one leg. Perfor­mance on most tests began to decline signifi­cantly in participants in their fifties, with greater declines in later decades.

These results support a “lifespan approach” to main­taining physical ability, targeting risk factors for late-life disability in middle age “in an effort to prevent, attenuate, or delay func­tional decline,” the researchers concluded.

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