February 21, 2019
Sit-Stand Desks for Weight Control
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Sit-Stand Desks for Weight Control

by Berkeley Wellness  

Using a sit-stand desk burns only a few extra calories an hour, but this may still help with weight control, according to a small study in Occupational Medicine. Researchers had 18 people (ages 22 to 57) do standardized deskwork while standing, sitting, or alternating between sitting and standing every half hour.

Standing for an hour burned, on average, 8 extra calories compared to sitting (for a 165-pound person), while dividing the hour between sitting and standing burned 6 extra calories.

The researchers estimated that alternating between sitting and standing every half hour over an eight-hour workday would burn about 57 extra calories for a 195-pound man and 48 calories for a 165-pound woman.

“Though modest, accumulation of this small benefit over time could be an important part of the public health strategy to prevent weight gain in deskbound workers,” the study concluded. Add in a few extra walks to the bathroom or printer every day, and the calorie burning will start to add up, assuming you don’t walk to the kitchen to get extra snacks.

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