October 21, 2014





  • Benefits of Everyday Activities

    Benefits of Everyday Activities

    by Berkeley Wellness

    A conscious effort to exercise and stay active is a key to good health and weight control, but unintentional activities—ordinary, daily movements such as taking the the stairs—are also important.

  • 5 Reasons to Get Some Exercise

    5 Reasons to Get Some Exercise

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Of course, a program of aerobic exercise is good for your heart. But exactly why? Take note of the five long-term heart-health benefits you can enoy by staying committed to working out.

  • How Exercise Affects Appetite

    How Exercise Affects Appetite

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Many people think exercise will make them hungrier, and that the calories they burn while exercising will be more than made up for by the extra food they’ll eat afterward. But appetite regulation is a complex process.