February 09, 2016





  • A Guide to Good Posture

    A Guide to Good Posture

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Good posture improves your appearance and helps you project self-confidence and self-assurance. It is worth achieving just for the aches and pains it may prevent. Unfortunately, for many of us, good posture does not come naturally.

  • Slowing Down Muscle Loss

    Slowing Down Muscle Loss

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Most of us lose muscle (and strength) as we age—about 30 percent between age 50 and 70. But it's not inevitable. Take some smart steps to maintain your muscles.

  • Barefoot Running Shoes
    Wellness Tip

    Barefoot Running Shoes

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Runners thinking of switching to “barefoot” running shoes should think twice about it. The shoes have no cushioning, so running in them can increase stress on bones in the feet and boost the risk of injury.