September 19, 2014





  • Does Exercise Worsen Arthritis?
    Ask the Experts

    Does Exercise Worsen Arthritis?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Some people worry that physical activity may increase the pain of arthritis. However, exercise promotes the repair of cartilage. So, does that mean working out can reduce discomfort?

  • A Guide to Good Posture

    A Guide to Good Posture

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Good posture improves your appearance and helps you project self-confidence and self-assurance. It is worth achieving just for the aches and pains it may prevent. Unfortunately, for many of us, good posture does not come naturally.

  • 5 Reasons to Get Some Exercise

    5 Reasons to Get Some Exercise

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Of course, a program of aerobic exercise is good for your heart. But exactly why? Take note of the five long-term heart-health benefits you can enoy by staying committed to working out.