October 01, 2014



  • Should You Be Tested for Diabetes?

    Should You Be Tested for Diabetes?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    If your last medical exam didn't include a test for type 2 diabetes as part of its basic blood panel, you may want to have your glucose level tested. Millions of people may have diabetes and don’t know it.

  • Fruit and Diabetes
    Wellness Tip

    Fruit and Diabetes

    by Berkeley Wellness

    What effect can eating fruit or drinking fruit juice have on your risk for type 1 diabetes? Recent research suggests that some types of fruits may have a protective effect, while others may not.

  • Are Sugar Substitutes Safe?

    Are Sugar Substitutes Safe?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Americans trying to cut down on sugar and calories are increasingly turning to sugar substitutes. Many worry about the safety of these products and are attracted to those promoted as “natural,” as opposed to the older “artificial” sweeteners.