May 23, 2015



  • Friends Help Your Health
    Be Well

    Friends Help Your Health

    by John Swartzberg, M.D.

    Research suggests that those with strong social ties but unhealthy lifestyles may live longer than those with healthier habits but few ties. One possibility: that social support helps us deal with adversity.

  • Sleepwalking
    Ask the Experts


    by Berkeley Wellness

    Almost one out of three Americans say that they've gone sleepwalking at least once in their lives. What makes people go for a stroll when they should be fast asleep in bed? And how dangerous is this sleep disturbance?

  • The Power of Napping

    The Power of Napping

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Good news for sleepyheads : More research is finding that a midday nap can help improve memory and concentration. While napping isn't a boon for everyone, our tips may help you nap more successfully.