July 31, 2015



  • Exercise for Sleep
    Wellness Tip

    Exercise for Sleep

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Exercise can energize you or tire you out. But can it help you get a better night's sleep? A new survey has some answers on the relationship between workouts and snoozing.

  • Folate for Depression?

    Folate for Depression?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Many observational studies have found that people with low dietary intakes or blood levels of folate have higher rates of depression. Can supplements of this vitamin help boost mood?

  • Summing Up SAM-e

    Summing Up SAM-e

    by Berkeley Wellness

    The supplement SAM-e is often touted as a treatment for depression, arthritis and liver disease, among other conditions. Recent research adds to our knowledge, but what does it mean for you?