July 31, 2015

dental health


  • Better Toothbrushing: Ten Tips

    Better Toothbrushing: Ten Tips

    by Berkeley Wellness

    How to brush your teeth may seem obvious. But most people fall short in their technique—or have just gotten sloppy over the years. These 10 tips can help you brush up on your brushing.

  • Flossing Alternatives
    Ask the Experts

    Flossing Alternatives

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Dental floss is considered critical for dental health, but some people have difficulty flossing their teeth. Are there good alternatives available?

  • The Mouth-Heart Connection

    The Mouth-Heart Connection

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Studies have shown that people who have gum (periodontal) disease are at increased risk for heart disease. This has led some researchers to suggest that gum disease can cause heart disease—and that good oral hygiene can help protect the heart.