April 19, 2014

dental health


  • Flossing Alternatives
    Ask the Experts

    Flossing Alternatives

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Dental floss is considered critical for dental health, but some people have difficulty flossing their teeth. Are there good alternatives available?

  • The Mouth-Heart Connection

    The Mouth-Heart Connection

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Studies have shown that people who have gum (periodontal) disease are at increased risk for heart disease. This has led some researchers to suggest that gum disease can cause heart disease—and that good oral hygiene can help protect the heart.

  • Statins and Gum Disease
    Wellness Tip

    Statins and Gum Disease

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Another potential benefit of statins: They may help reduce the chronic gum inflammation that is characteristic of periodontal disease, according to a recent study.