March 07, 2015

dental health


  • Chew Gum For Health?

    Chew Gum For Health?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Most people chew gum for pleasure or out of habit; others to freshen breath or stop a food or cigarette craving. But does gum provide any real health benefits? Surprisingly, there have been a lot of studies on gum over the years.

  • Electric Toothbrushes: The Buzz

    Electric Toothbrushes: The Buzz

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Most people don't need anything more complex than a regular toothbrush and toothpaste to maintain dental hygiene. But can an electric toothbrush offer important benefits for some of us?

  • Better Toothbrushing: Ten Tips

    Better Toothbrushing: Ten Tips

    by Berkeley Wellness

    How to brush your teeth may seem obvious. But most people fall short in their technique—or have just gotten sloppy over the years. These 10 tips can help you brush up on your brushing.