July 30, 2014

colon cancer


  • Running Away from Cancer

    Running Away from Cancer

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Does exercise help protect against cancer? Over the years, many studies have found a link between physical activity and reduced cancer risk, and theories about how exercise might affect risk abound.

  • More Coffee Perks

    More Coffee Perks

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Does coffee offer some health perks? Studies on the subject seem to come out nearly every month. We evaluate four of the latest pieces of research on how that cup of Joe may affect your well-being.

  • The Latest on Aspirin and Cancer

    The Latest on Aspirin and Cancer

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Millions of people take aspirin for pain relief or to help prevent heart attacks, but there is growing interest in aspirin's potential as an anti-cancer drug. Two recent studies have added to the evidence.