October 01, 2014



  • Neti Pots
    Ask the Experts

    Neti Pots

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Using a neti pot is one way to irrigate your nasal passages and several studies have found that short-term, this may help with seasonal allergies and other types of nasal congestion. Can neti pots safely be used on a long-term basis?

  • Airborne


    by Berkeley Wellness

    Airborne—which comes in effervescent or chewable tablets—is a formulation of vitamins, minerals and herbs said to prevent or cure the common cold. But does it work?

  • Echinacea


    by Berkeley Wellness

    The most common type of echinacea in this country is known as purple coneflower, and its extracts have been used medicinally for centuries. It is a complex mix of chemicals, some of which may stimulate the immune system—for better or worse.