August 30, 2014



  • Fast Food Calories
    Wellness Tip

    Fast Food Calories

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Are you underestimating the amount of calories you're taking in when you visit a fast food restaurants? See what the research suggests.

  • Don't Fall for Natural Soda
    Wellness Tip

    Don't Fall for Natural Soda

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Some soft drink makers are touting their "natural" sodas—products made without high fructose syrup. Are these drinks anything more than carbonated sugar water?

  • How to Buy Bread

    How to Buy Bread

    by Edward Blonz, M.S., Ph.d.

    These days, the bread aisle at the supermarket is crowded with choices far beyond white, whole-wheat, rye and pumpernickel. While bread-buying options are much better than before, it takes careful label reading to know what you’re putting in your cart.