February 28, 2015



  • Restaurant Menu Manipulation

    Restaurant Menu Manipulation

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Restaurant menus are often set up to try to draw attention to items that eateries want to sell most—it's a field called menu psychology. Are you being influenced by these strategies?

  • Sorting Out Carbohydrates

    Sorting Out Carbohydrates

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Some say carbs are what you’re supposed to fill up on when you cut down on fats, others that they’re what’s making Americans fat. Yet most people don’t really know what carbs are.

  • Don't Fall for Natural Soda
    Wellness Tip

    Don't Fall for Natural Soda

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Some soft drink makers are touting their "natural" sodas—products made without high fructose syrup. Are these drinks anything more than carbonated sugar water?