April 17, 2014



  • 8 Key Facts About Milk

    8 Key Facts About Milk

    by Berkeley Wellness

    After decades of research, we know a great deal about milk. But legitimate questions persist, as do certain myths. Here are answers to your questions, based on scientific studies.

  • Does Caffeine Curb Calcium?
    Ask the Experts

    Does Caffeine Curb Calcium?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Worried about your caffeine intake interfering with your body's calcium absorption? A few studies have linked caffeinated beverages to reduced bone density and increased fractures, but you may not have to worry.

  • Homogenized Milk Myths Busted

    Homogenized Milk Myths Busted

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Nearly every aspect of cow’s milk inspires debate—its fat, protein and sugar content, the hormone residues it may contain, the pasteurization process it undergoes, and even its very suitability for human consumption.