January 31, 2015

brain health


  • Keeping Your Memory in Shape

    Keeping Your Memory in Shape

    by Berkeley Wellness

    As we grow older, we all worry about having “senior moments” that last more than a moment. That’s why brain-training programs have become a big business. Can mental workouts really improve memory?

  • Does Personality Affect Health?

    Does Personality Affect Health?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Is it true that highly stressed people get more ulcers and backaches? Research into the relationship between personality traits and disease has created a lot of shifting ground over the years.

  • Know the Signs of Stroke

    Know the Signs of Stroke

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Widely circulating and unverified email health alerts are notoriously unreliable. So it's not surprising that many have questions about an alert that tells how to recognize a stroke.