December 18, 2014

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  • Panic Attacks
    Ask the Experts

    Panic Attacks

    by Berkeley Wellness

    A panic attack is a sudden surge of fear and anxiety that usually comes out of nowhere. But the underlying cause can vary from person to person. What can you do about these frightening events?

  • It's Hard to Beat Beet Juice

    It's Hard to Beat Beet Juice

    by Berkeley Wellness

    A glass of beet juice, anyone? Some small studies have discovered that an array of compounds in beet juice may lower blood pressure, enhance athletic performance and provide other health benefits as well.

  • Know the Signs of Stroke

    Know the Signs of Stroke

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Widely circulating and unverified email health alerts are notoriously unreliable. So it's not surprising that many have questions about an alert that tells how to recognize a stroke.