April 25, 2014

brain health


  • Sound Mind, Sound Body
    Be Well

    Sound Mind, Sound Body

    by John Swartzberg, M.D.

    Exercise helps you stay sharp as you age and reduces cognitive decline. But physical activity can also improve mood, reduce anxiety and produce a sense of well-being—and may even help ease depression.

  • 11 Best Bets for Brain Health

    11 Best Bets for Brain Health

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Scientists have been working to solve the mysteries of the aging brain. One important thing they have learned is that what helps the cardiovascular system also seems to benefit the brain. Here’s the latest thinking.

  • The Power of Negative Thinking

    The Power of Negative Thinking

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Placebos—fake treatments—can have a positive effect on health. Can negative expectations, fears and anxiety make people feel ill? Recent research sheds some light on the so-called nocebo effect.