April 16, 2014

brain health


  • Should You Boost Your Choline?

    Should You Boost Your Choline?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Choline is a vitamin-like nutrient, and in health-food stores and on the Internet many claims are made for its potential benefits. But are you better off getting this essential nutrient from your diet?

  • The Power of Napping

    The Power of Napping

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Good news for sleepyheads : More research is finding that a midday nap can help improve memory and concentration. While napping isn't a boon for everyone, our tips may help you nap more successfully.

  • Exercise for Sleep
    Wellness Tip

    Exercise for Sleep

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Exercise can energize you or tire you out. But can it help you get a better night's sleep? A new survey has some answers on the relationship between workouts and snoozing.