January 29, 2015

bone health


  • Can Calcium Pills Hurt Your Heart?

    Can Calcium Pills Hurt Your Heart?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Even doctors who are generally unenthusiastic about supplements are likely to advise many patients to take calcium to help protect their bones. But an analysis of 11 studies concluded that calcium supplements can increase the risk of heart attacks.

  • Women & Bone Density

    Women & Bone Density

    by Berkeley Wellness

    If you’re a woman over 65 and have had a normal result on a bone mineral density test, you may not need to be tested again for as long as 15 years, suggests a recent study.

  • Are Knock Knees a Problem?
    Ask the Experts

    Are Knock Knees a Problem?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Being knock-kneed may make it difficult to perform some activities. People who are very knock-kneed are also at increased risk for a variety of injuries when running or doing high-impact exercise or activities.