October 30, 2014

back pain


  • Walk for Your Back
    Wellness Tip

    Walk for Your Back

    by Berkeley Wellness

    If you have chronic low back pain, a strength-training program that targets abs and back muscles may help. But there might also be a simpler solution.

  • Ease Stress, Reduce Back Pain

    Ease Stress, Reduce Back Pain

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Chronic back pain is a complex condition that involves more than just the physiological structures surrounding the spine. Recent guidelines from the American Pain Society recommend that you address your mind as well as your body.

  • Yoga For Back Pain
    Wellness Tip

    Yoga For Back Pain

    by Berkeley Wellness

    A recent review of studies found that concluded that people with a certain kind of back pain may be able to use yoga for both short- and long-term management of their discomfort.