November 24, 2014

back pain


  • i-flex for Arthritis?
    Ask the Experts

    i-flex for Arthritis?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Several small studies suggest that i-flex, a standardized extract made from rose hips and seeds, may provide some relief from chronic pain. The evidence seems strongest for osteoarthritis.

  • Spinal Manipulation For Back Pain

    Spinal Manipulation For Back Pain

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Once considered a fringe treatment for back pain, more medical doctors have adopted the practice of spinal manipulation for low back problems. It involves physical pushing, pulling and methodical repositioning of the head, shoulders, neck, back or hips.

  • Vertebral Fracture Surgery

    Vertebral Fracture Surgery

    by Berkeley Wellness

    The conventional way to treat vertebral fractures is simply to wait until they heal—typically, about six weeks—and use pain relievers to cope with discomfort. Some new alternatives may offer faster relief.