September 05, 2015

back pain


  • 5 Minutes to a Better Back

    5 Minutes to a Better Back

    by Berkeley Wellness

    These three lower back exercises can help reduce or prevent back pain.  All of them target the core muscles (abdomen, back, and pelvis), which are responsible for keeping the spine stable. Back extension. Lie on your stomach and use your hands to push your upper body off the floor. Gently tighten your

  • Ease Stress, Reduce Back Pain

    Ease Stress, Reduce Back Pain

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Chronic back pain is a complex condition that involves more than just the physiological structures surrounding the spine. Recent guidelines from the American Pain Society recommend that you address your mind as well as your body.

  • Back Pain Home Remedies

    Back Pain Home Remedies

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Although it’s true that back pain often comes on suddenly, factors leading up to an episode of back pain are often cumulative and gradual. Learn how to relieve discomfort and keep back pain at bay.