January 29, 2015

Berkeley Wellness

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  • Rhubarb Compote

    Rhubarb Compote

    by Berkeley Wellness

    You can serve this delicious rhubarb compote on its own, dolloped with lightly sweetened low-fat yogurt or as a topping for frozen yogurt.

  • Baked Green Apples

    Baked Green Apples

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Fiber-rich, these treats can be served warm, at room temperature or even chilled. Add a dollop of plain fat-free yogurt if you like.

  • Don't Get Hooked on Fried Fish

    Don't Get Hooked on Fried Fish

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Eating fried fish at least once a week has been associated with a 48 percent higher risk of heart failure. Other studies have also raised red flags about fried seafood. So, should you skip the skillet?