May 24, 2018

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  • Pilates: More for the Core

    Pilates: More for the Core

    by Berkeley Wellness

    This movement-based exercise technique was originally developed for dancers nearly a century ago. Pilates not only increases core strength and stability but also range of motion, flexibility, and muscle balance.

  • Ancient Grains: A Guide

    Ancient Grains: A Guide

    by Berkeley Wellness

    In recent years, many so-called ancient grains have been rediscovered. Some, such as farro, are types of wheat or related to wheat; others are technically seeds, such as quinoa. All are worth trying.

  • Spicy Red Lentil Dip

    Spicy Red Lentil Dip

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Red lentils cook much more quickly than brown or green lentils and lose their shape more readily. That makes them perfect for this dip—once cooked they’re halfway to being a puree. Carrot juice and an apple lend a slightly sweet note.