October 20, 2014



  • Can You Count On Coenzyme Q10?

    Can You Count On Coenzyme Q10?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Many claims are made for the vitamin-like substance CoQ10, from preventing cancer to slowing aging. Nothing can do all that, but research continues to uncover a range of potential benefits.

  • Selenium Strikes Out

    Selenium Strikes Out

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Many folks take supplements of selenium, based on early research that suggested the mineral may help prevent cancer and heart disease. Before you take your next supplement, see what more recent studies suggest.

  • Food for Inflammation
    Ask the Experts

    Food for Inflammation

    by Berkeley Wellness

    All kinds of foods—from cherries to dark chocolate—have been touted as anti-inflammatory. But can what you eat help really help fight the inflammation that's thought to play a role in some chronic diseases?