November 27, 2014



  • Cranberry-Lime Spritzer

    Cranberry-Lime Spritzer

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Enjoy this light and refreshing cranberry-lime spritzer at your next picnic or barbecue. To remove the lime zest (the thin, colored portion of the peel), use a vegetable peeler to take it off in strips because that’s where all of the flavor is.

  • Zinc: Fighting the Cold War

    Zinc: Fighting the Cold War

    by Berkeley Wellness

    We all know that there's no cure for the common cold. But some research makes the case for zinc, showing that if used early enough, it can shorten colds by about a day and reduce their severity.

  • Red Palm Oil
    Ask the Experts

    Red Palm Oil

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Dr. Mehmet Oz has called red palm oil, derived from the fruit of African and Southeast Asian palm trees, miraculous. The experts at Berkeley Wellness have a slightly different take on the product.