August 03, 2015

alternative medicine


  • The Land of  Dr. Oz
    Be Well

    The Land of Dr. Oz

    by John Swartzberg, M.D.

    On TV, Mehmet Oz suggests treatments for everything from endocrine disorders to cancer, and gives guidance about nutrition, weight loss, mental health and sexual health. Often that advice, especially when it comes from some of his guests, is dubious.

  • Supplement Claims: What's Allowed

    Supplement Claims: What's Allowed

    by Berkeley Wellness

    In 1994, federal legislation, passed after intensive lobbying by the supplements industry, essentially removed dietary supplements from most regulation by the FDA. But manufacturers still must limit their claims.

  • Do You Need Iodine Supplements?
    Wellness Tip

    Do You Need Iodine Supplements?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    We need small amounts of the mineral iodine, found in iodized salt, seafood and dairy, for good health. The American Thyroid Association weighs in on whether or not you should consider iodine supplements.