November 29, 2014

alternative medicine


  • Aspirin vs. Cancer: An Update

    Aspirin vs. Cancer: An Update

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Millions of people take low-dose aspirin to help prevent heart attacks, but accumulating evidence suggests that the drug’s greatest benefit may actually be in reducing the risk of cancer, especially colorectal cancer.

  • Cold-fX
    Ask the Experts


    by Berkeley Wellness

    Looking for evidence that Cold-fx helps prevent colds? In recent years, a few more studies on this patented, standardized extract of North American ginseng root (Panax quinquefolius) have been completed. But is the research more than preliminary?

  • Evening Primrose & Borage Oils For Eczema?

    Evening Primrose & Borage Oils For Eczema?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Evening primrose and borage oils are marketed to treat everything from cancer and arthritis to hot flashes and diabetes, though there’s no good clinical research to back up claims. They’re especially promoted for skin conditions, notably eczema.