May 26, 2016




  • Restaurant Menu Manipulation

    Restaurant Menu Manipulation

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Restaurant menus are often set up to try to draw attention to items that eateries want to sell most—it's a field called menu psychology. Are you being influenced by these strategies?

  • Sleep Without Back Pain

    Sleep Without Back Pain

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Good sleeping posture, like good standing posture, allows the body to follow the natural S-shaped curve of the spine. Poor sleeping positions can strain muscles and ligaments and increase the risk of back pain.

  • Do You Need a Polio Booster?
    Ask the Experts

    Do You Need a Polio Booster?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Though polio is no longer a threat in most parts of the world, it remains endemic in some countries. As a child, you almost certainly were vaccinated against the illness but immunity declines over time and the virus has even resurged in once polio-free areas. But do travelers have anything to fear?