February 25, 2017




  • Vitamin D Details

    Vitamin D Details

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Vitamin D is a hormone manufactured in the body when skin is exposed to sunlight. It is fat-soluble and promotes healthy bones. Aside from fortified milk and some fish, few foods supply the vitamin.

  • Is Lamb Red Meat?
    Ask the Experts

    Is Lamb Red Meat?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    If you're cutting down on red meat—either for health reasons or for environmental ones—does that mean you have to limit lamb? Our experts have the answer.

  • Magnesium and Heart Health
    Wellness Tip

    Magnesium and Heart Health

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Can foods rich in the mineral magnesium help reduce your likelihood of cardiovascular disease,? A recent Harvard analysis of 16 large studies looks at this question.