September 30, 2016




  • Vitamin D Research: A Round-Up

    Vitamin D Research: A Round-Up

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Vitamin D has certainly kept a lot of researchers busy, as evidenced by the multitude of studies published in recent years. Berkeley Wellness experts break down the latest findings on the vitamin for preventing fractures, heart disease, and more.

  • Can We Stop Alzheimer’s?

    Can We Stop Alzheimer’s?

    by Peter Jaret

    William Jagust, MD, a professor of public health and neuroscience at UC Berkeley, explains new scans that look for signs of early Alzheimer’s disease, and how they are being used to develop new drugs to slow—and perhaps even stop—this cruel disease.

  • The Benefits of Gratitude

    The Benefits of Gratitude

    by Berkeley Wellness

    No longer considered just a pleasant feeling, gratitude has become the focus of vast scientific study in recent years, often stemming from related research on happiness, stress, optimism, and the health benefits of social support.