February 18, 2018




  • Pilates: More for the Core

    Pilates: More for the Core

    by Berkeley Wellness

    This movement-based exercise technique was originally developed for dancers nearly a century ago. Pilates not only increases core strength and stability but also range of motion, flexibility, and muscle balance.

  • 3 Great Core Exercises

    3 Great Core Exercises

    by Leslie Pepper

    Few people would turn down six-pack abs, but there are many other (and more attainable) benefits to working out your core muscles, which include not just your abdominals but also the muscles of your hips, pelvis, and lower back.

  • Do You Have Greek Feet?

    Do You Have Greek Feet?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    If your second toe appears longer than your big toe, you have what's called Morton's toe—also known as Greek foot, because the ancient Greeks found it aesthetically appealing and incorporated it into much of their art.