October 17, 2017




  • Pilates: More for the Core

    Pilates: More for the Core

    by Berkeley Wellness

    This movement-based exercise technique was originally developed for dancers nearly a century ago. Pilates not only increases core strength and stability but also range of motion, flexibility, and muscle balance.

  • How to Cook Chestnuts

    How to Cook Chestnuts

    by Berkeley Wellness

    On a cold winter day, nothing says "welcome home" better than the aroma of chestnuts roasting in the oven. If this is your first time cooking chestnuts, it's easier than you might think.

  • Hot and Sour Tofu-Vegetable Soup

    Hot and Sour Tofu-Vegetable Soup

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Calcium-rich tofu and bok choy swim in a mildly spiced broth in our healthy spin on this classic Asian soup. To make it hotter, increase the black pepper to 1 teaspoon or use ½ teaspoon of red pepper flakes.