March 30, 2017




  • A Better Sugar from the Tropics?

    A Better Sugar from the Tropics?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Coconut palm sugar—a traditional Asian sweetener derived from the flowering buds of the coconut tree—is being touted as the “best new sugar alternative.” Some claims suggest that it packs a wallop of nutrients and may even be good for diabetics.

  • How to Dispose of Old Medications

    How to Dispose of Old Medications

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Are any of the medications in your home old or expired? If so, you should probably throw them out—but that doesn't mean flushing them down the toilet (except in a few cases). Here's what you need to know about safely discarding meds.

  • Types of Sweet Peppers

    Types of Sweet Peppers

    by Berkeley Wellness

    While chili peppers are primarily used in small amounts to season foods, sweet peppers are treated like a vegetable, and they can make a significant nutritional contribution to your diet. Here are some varieties that you may find in the market.