March 04, 2015




  • Cramps During Exercise

    Cramps During Exercise

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Few things are as painful as muscle cramps, which can occur at the most inopportune times. Just ask the runner, cyclist or swimmer who can’t finish a race because of one.

  • Nervous About Coffee's Effects?

    Nervous About Coffee's Effects?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    It is easy to see why some people worry about coffee. A stimulant, it can cause jitters and insomnia, stomach upset and heartburn. It can also boost heart rate temporarily, which is why people with certain heart problems may be advised to avoid it.

  • Can Weather Hurt Your Health?

    Can Weather Hurt Your Health?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Weather and well-being are intimately linked. Rain, drought and snow have had drastic effects on history and human health. But can weather bring on joint pain and colds, or even lead to a heart attack? See what the science says.