May 26, 2015




  • West African-Style Beef Stew

    West African-Style Beef Stew

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Peanut butter and sweet potatoes are the two ingredients that give this stew its African flavor—though in Africa the potatoes would more likely be yams. The peanut butter adds a wonderful richness of flavor for a modest 2.7 grams of fat per serving.

  • 7 Healthy Pork Dishes

    7 Healthy Pork Dishes

    by Berkeley Wellness

    These seven recipes call for lean cuts of pork, which you can get either by choosing less-fatty cuts or by trimming or draining the fat off. All have special ingredients that add essential nutrients—and delicious flavors.

  • Chewing Food FAQs

    Chewing Food FAQs

    by Berkeley Wellness

    You probably don’t think much about your masticatory—that is, chewing—habits. But scientists do and have conducted research on chewing. Discover their intriguing findings.