August 27, 2014




  • Ease Stress, Reduce Back Pain

    Ease Stress, Reduce Back Pain

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Chronic back pain is a complex condition that involves more than just the physiological structures surrounding the spine. Recent guidelines from the American Pain Society recommend that you address your mind as well as your body.

  • Fast Food Calories
    Wellness Tip

    Fast Food Calories

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Are you underestimating the amount of calories you're taking in when you visit a fast food restaurants? See what the research suggests.

  • Allergies: Old as Humankind

    Allergies: Old as Humankind

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Allergic reactions have been reported as far back as ancient times and undoubtedly predate that. In the early 19th century, an English physician was the first to recognize allergic rhinitis as a condition distinct from the common cold.