January 27, 2015




  • Smoking Bans and Kids

    Smoking Bans and Kids

    by Berkeley Wellness

    A study suggests that children who live in areas with smoking bans experience marked health benefits ranging from lower rates of premature births and less hospital visits for asthma.

  • Create Your Own Fruit Sauces

    Create Your Own Fruit Sauces

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Fruit sauces are one of the best dessert tricks around. You can make them in no time at all, and have something that will be delicious drizzled over frozen yogurt, cut-up fruit or cake.

  • The Land of  Dr. Oz
    Be Well

    The Land of Dr. Oz

    by John Swartzberg, M.D.

    On TV, Mehmet Oz suggests treatments for everything from endocrine disorders to cancer, and gives guidance about nutrition, weight loss, mental health and sexual health. Often that advice, especially when it comes from some of his guests, is dubious.