July 26, 2016




  • Benefits of Everyday Activities

    Benefits of Everyday Activities

    by Berkeley Wellness

    A conscious effort to exercise and stay active is a key to good health and weight control, but unintentional activities—ordinary, daily movements such as taking the the stairs—are also important.

  • Soft Drinks & Your Health

    Soft Drinks & Your Health

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Americans drink 59 gallons of soda a year per person, on average, including diet soda. That’s about 21 ounces a day. Here, we answer essential questions about soft drink consumption and health.

  • Cancer and Supplement Safety

    Cancer and Supplement Safety

    by Berkeley Wellness

    If you are a cancer survivor, consult your doctor about any dietary supplements you're taking. Some studies suggest that certain supplements may actually promote a recurrence of the disease.