July 24, 2017




  • Does Douching Have Benefits?

    Does Douching Have Benefits?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    About one-third of young American women douche routinely—for example, after menstruation. Many douching products contain fragrances, and manufacturers claim these will help women feel clean and "fresh." Any truth to the claims?

  • Types of Mushrooms

    Types of Mushrooms

    by Berkeley Wellness

    From chanterelles to morels to porcini, you can find dozens of different types of mushrooms in stores and at farmers’ markets today.

  • Vertebral Fracture Surgery

    Vertebral Fracture Surgery

    by Berkeley Wellness

    The conventional way to treat vertebral fractures is simply to wait until they heal—typically, about six weeks—and use pain relievers to cope with discomfort. Some new alternatives may offer faster relief.