October 13, 2015




  • Chew Gum For Health?

    Chew Gum For Health?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Most people chew gum for pleasure or out of habit; others to freshen breath or stop a food or cigarette craving. But does gum provide any real health benefits? Surprisingly, there have been a lot of studies on gum over the years.

  • Core Training: Not Just for Abs

    Core Training: Not Just for Abs

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Core training is not just about developing six-pack abs. Your core muscles also include your hips, pelvis and lower back. Some research suggests that if your core muscles are weak, you're more likely to injure yourself.

  • How to Choose the Best Apples

    How to Choose the Best Apples

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Apples should be firm to hard—if you can dent one with your fingers, it's likely to be mealy inside. Here are other tips for selecting apples, plus how to keep them fresh at home.