April 27, 2015




  • Mix 'n Match Fruit Salsas

    Mix 'n Match Fruit Salsas

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Tart and spicy fruit salsas are a cross between a condiment and a fruit salad. They are quick to make and are a wonderful complement to savory dishes like broiled poultry, fish and meat.

  • Measles: What You Need to Know

    Measles: What You Need to Know

    by Berkeley Wellness

    A series of measles outbreaks has brought this disease—previously all but eliminated in the United States—back into the spotlight. Our infectious-disease specialist John E. Swartzberg, M.D., answers questions about measles infection and transmission.

  • Summer Squash Parmesan

    Summer Squash Parmesan

    by Berkeley Wellness

    The problem with most baked dishes called “Parmesan” or “alla Parmigiana” is that the breaded ingredients are invariably pan-fried in a good deal of oil or butter before being layered with cheese and baked. Try a more healthful solution.