October 30, 2014




  • The End of the Debate? Fat Chance

    The End of the Debate? Fat Chance

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Shifting headlines about saturated fats make for a confusing debate—and undoubtedly left many people utterly confused. But no, the report behind it all did not throw away what we know about healthy eating.

  • Gel Manicure Safety
    Ask the Experts

    Gel Manicure Safety

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Are the chip-free gel manicures that your salon is offering safe for your nails? More importantly, might they have negative health effects?

  • The Scoop on Salt

    The Scoop on Salt

    by Berkeley Wellness

    We need some to survive and we (probably) use too much of it in our food. But what do we really know about salt? Get an inside look at various types of salt.