September 05, 2015




  • Tinted Glasses for Migraines

    Tinted Glasses for Migraines

    by Berkeley Wellness

    For many migraine sufferers, light and other visual stimuli can precipitate (or worsen) headaches. You might think, then, that wearing sunglasses would help—and some migraine sufferers do get some relief from tinted lenses.

  • 5 Minutes to a Better Back

    5 Minutes to a Better Back

    by Berkeley Wellness

    These three lower back exercises can help reduce or prevent back pain.  All of them target the core muscles (abdomen, back, and pelvis), which are responsible for keeping the spine stable. Back extension. Lie on your stomach and use your hands to push your upper body off the floor. Gently tighten your

  • The End of the Debate? Fat Chance

    The End of the Debate? Fat Chance

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Shifting headlines about saturated fats make for a confusing debate—and undoubtedly left many people utterly confused. But no, the report behind it all did not throw away what we know about healthy eating.