July 28, 2015




  • Prostate Cancer Test Pros & Cons

    Prostate Cancer Test Pros & Cons

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Even though the PSA blood test can detect cancer early, it saves few, if any, lives and often leads to treatments that can cause serious complications, according to government experts. We'll give you the full story.

  • The Truth About Tilapia

    The Truth About Tilapia

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Nicknamed “aquatic chicken,” this fast-growing fish is both lauded as an excellent, sustainable source of protein and denounced as being “worse than bacon." Who’s right? We dived deep into the research on tilapia to find out.

  • Smart Supplement Steps

    Smart Supplement Steps

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Do the latest anti-aging or weight-loss supplement claims have you excited? If you're thinking about buying and using dietary supplements, take four smart steps first.