November 21, 2018




  • Pilates: More for the Core

    Pilates: More for the Core

    by Berkeley Wellness

    This movement-based exercise technique was originally developed for dancers nearly a century ago. Pilates not only increases core strength and stability but also range of motion, flexibility, and muscle balance.

  • Guesstimating Your Pet's Calorie Needs

    Guesstimating Your Pet's Calorie Needs

    by Berkeley Wellness

    There is no one-size-fits-all calculation for estimating pet-food calories. Different sources even list different formulas—which is why it’s always best to check with your vet, especially if your pet needs to lose weight.

  • Types of Cherries

    Types of Cherries

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Sour cherries are usually red. Sweet cherries have greater variation in color—some are dark-skinned and others light-skinned. Dark-skinned sweet cherries far and away dominate the market, with Bing being the most popular in this category. Bing cherries are usually available from the end of May through early August, with their peak in