July 28, 2015




  • Prostate Cancer Test Pros & Cons

    Prostate Cancer Test Pros & Cons

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Even though the PSA blood test can detect cancer early, it saves few, if any, lives and often leads to treatments that can cause serious complications, according to government experts. We'll give you the full story.

  • 9 Healthy Appetizers

    9 Healthy Appetizers

    by Berkeley Wellness

    On one end of the appetizer spectrum is gooey baked Brie; on the other end are celery sticks. Luckily there are plenty of healthful, nutrient-dense options in between. Here, 9 delicious recipes.

  • A Team Effort
    Be Well

    A Team Effort

    by John Swartzberg, M.D.

    Find out what we really mean when we advise you to consult your doctor. And learn why we try to avoid using the term "health care provider," but don't always succeed in doing so.