August 31, 2016




  • Calcium in the Spotlight

    Calcium in the Spotlight

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Millions of people take calcium supplements, hoping to keep their aging bones strong and prevent osteoporosis-related fractures. Recent news may have made many people wonder whether they should stop.

  • Hypertension On the Rise
    Wellness Tip

    Hypertension On the Rise

    by Berkeley Wellness

    The life expectancy of the average American has increased but so has the risk of hypertension. The latest data suggests that two out of three Americans over a certain age have high blood pressure.

  • Lactose Intolerance and Yogurt
    Wellness Tip

    Lactose Intolerance and Yogurt

    by Berkeley Wellness

    People who are lactose intolerant have great difficulty digesting dairy products, leading to gas, cramps, and other symptoms. But the live cultures found in probiotic yogurts may ease some of the burden.