July 28, 2014




  • Is Bison Meat Better Than Beef?

    Is Bison Meat Better Than Beef?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Only 10 years ago, bison burgers were an exotic dish. Now they're fairly easy to find. But is bison meat—America’s “original red meat”—really so much better for you than beef, as claimed?

  • How to Check for Fever

    How to Check for Fever

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Touching someone’s forehead was the way to detect a fever before the invention of the medical thermometer in 1867. Today, you have more precise options.

  •  Reducing Pain Reliever Risks

    Reducing Pain Reliever Risks

    by Berkeley Wellness

    For many people, pain relievers are wonder drugs, allowing them to carry on with their lives despite disabling arthritis, for instance, or recurrent headaches. But all, whether sold over-the counter or by prescription, have potential risks.